Coconut cream cake

08 Jan 2010

Coconut Cream Cake

A couple of years ago the Guardian published a baking guide supplement, a lovely pamphlet filled with all sorts of useful recipes. Since then, several thoughtful souls have brought me their copies - "I think you'd like this!" - which is just as well since the original I had has long since become unusably filthy from baking-related abuse. So many of my cook books seem to have sticky pages or chocolatey fingerprints... but anyway. The guide contained one recipe that has "haunted" me since I saw it but somehow I never managed to make it. Well, with a lazy few days of holidays to spare after the New Year, I finally found the time.

I won't bother republishing the recipe - it can be found here and makes an excellent, moist cake (although it doesn't refridgerate well, despite what the article says). Only a couple of variations: as I had left over dessicated coconut from Christmas, I toasted it in the oven and sprinkled the cake with it. The buttercream differs slightly from the Guardian recipe - it has a hearty teaspoon of lime zest and a few tablespoons of lime juice in it as well. Oh, and rum - of course.