Rhubarb Mousse Cake for Valentine's Day

22 Feb 2011

Rhubarb white chocolate mousse cake

Somehow Valentine's Day came and went without a blog post, perhaps giving the impression that the day of love passed by with the oven off. But needless to say there was a cake and it was as fine a cake as I'd ever made. Following on from my obsession with green or boozy things I've now moved on to mousse-based treats and have been trying to attain thatĀ elusive perfection of the perfect slice ever since.

V-day was as close as I've come yet to this ideal with a rhubarb mousse cake made for my dearest D. Alas, working in a frenzy the day before Valentine's day I didn't take note of my ingredients and thus have no recipe to give as such. But the quantities are roughly based on this beautiful cake - I hope this suffices.

Now, as for further excuses on why I haven't blogged closer to Valentine's: it's been an odd couple of weeks, not untouched by sadness and loss. Perhaps I should remember that that's why cakes exists: to sweeten life's little (and great) sorrows.