Pistachio cardamom cake

24 Aug 2009

Pistachio Cardamon Cake

I've been a bit obsessed with spicy, exotic flavours lately. A bottle of ground cardamom that had been languishing in the back of my space cupboard for ages now has now been rediscovered and last week made it into the chai tea cake. And now this recipe from the brilliant Tartlette provided further inspiration for its use.

Lacking the cashew nuts required by the recipe, I used the same quantity of unsalted pistachios instead (another recent obsession). I also added a pinch of cardamom to the batter and absent-mindedly forgot the butter. The result was gorgeous. I worried about the cardamom cream at first as it was a bit too thin but in the end it set nicely - gelatin is still unfamiliar territory for me. Lovely contrast of textures - creamy and crunchy. No turning back on the cardamom now... I might start adding a pinch to my morning coffee!


Pistachio cardamom cake (instructions same as Tartlette's)

Coffee cardamom mousse: