The Ghost of Christmas Cheesecake

15 Jan 2011

Christmas leftovers cheesecake
Most grappling with Christmas leftovers involves turkey. But what about all these bits of sweet morsels that inevitably end up kicking about your fridge and cupboard? I certainly was clueless about what to do with mine, until a friend brought over a jar of mulled wine conserves and the plot came together and unfolded as such: take leftover gingerbread and brandy butter. Blitz the gingerbread in a food processor and combine with melted brandy butter to make a base for a cheesecake. Make the cheesecake filling with leftover eggs, cream and cream cheese. And finally, for the topping, strain the mulled wine conserve, combine with leftover pomegranate juice and gelatin to make a cheesecake mirror. The result? In principle and proportion, nothing differs in this recipe from the strawberry mirror cheesecake I made some months ago. But the flavour combinations helped the indulgence and warmth of Christmas linger for just that little bit longer, through the first dreary days of January.